Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

Indiana Ticket Company is committed to promoting and maintaining sustainable forest management as a chain-of-custody program participant, as defined by SFI Inc. in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Requirements.  We are proud to be able to assure purchasers of our products that the materials used to manufacture roll and redemption tickets are purchased from certified mills and suppliers whenever possible.

With the chain-of-custody certification, Indiana Ticket Company is committed to compliance with all current and future SFI policies, federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding raw materials, and internal and external education and training regarding chain-of-custody policy.

Indiana Ticket Company has adopted management programs to successfully implement SFI procedures and ensure we are responsible stewards in the chain-of-custody policies, including identifying program standards, yearly training, and appropriate record-keeping.

Indiana Ticket Company is honored to share our commitment to the chain-of-custody standard with all of our suppliers, customers, and personnel.

David Broyles
President, Indiana Ticket Company