Tax Exempt Sales


Indiana Ticket is required to collect sales tax for several states. If your organization is exempt from paying sales or use tax and the Indiana Ticket shopping cart computes tax for your order, you may file an exemption during the order process to remove the tax from your shopping cart. You must then submit your state’s official tax exemption certificate to Indiana Ticket.

If you have already sent Indiana Ticket your tax exemption certificate via email, you may want to submit it each time you place an order to ensure there is no delay in shipping that order. Many states issue only single-use certificates and in other cases, a certificate on file may be expired. The best way to ensure the fastest delivery possible is to submit the tax exemption certificate with each order.

Indiana Ticket is truly sorry for the hassle required to exempt your order from sales tax. Many states are very aggressive at collecting sales tax revenue and enforcing tax law.

There are a few steps to ensure your tax exempt status with Indiana Ticket.

Step 1: Determine if tax will be charged for your order.

During the checkout process, while on the Checkout page (this is the page to which you are directed after the Cart page), enter your billing and shipping address (if different from your billing address). The tax owed will be calculated by a merchant tax service provider based on the laws of your billing and shipping states and displayed in the Your Order section of the page. Be sure to enter the city, state and zip code correctly then tab-out or click-out those fields to ensure the tax based on the new address is calculated and displayed.

The line item for Sales Tax will show $0.00 if we are not required to collect tax based on your addresses. If Sales Tax displays more than $0.00 and you are exempt from this type of tax, you will need to apply a tax exemption certificate. Note that if you change an address after viewing this information, your tax situation may change and you will need to check again for tax.

Step 2: Add or Apply an Exemption Certificate

If you need to submit a sales tax exemption certificate, find the link which says, “Click here to add or apply an exemption certificate”. This link is located below the address section of the Checkout page.

If this is your first order or you have not previously created an account on the Indiana Ticket website, consider creating an account. This will allow you to save your tax exemption certificate (if allowed by state and circumstance). To create an account from the Checkout page, check the “Create an account?” box and enter a password in the “Account password” field before clicking on the “Click here to add or apply an exemption certificate” link.

Once you click the “Click here to add or apply an exemption certificate” link, follow the instructions which are based on your specific circumstance. After you have completed entering your tax exemption information, you will see “Exemption certificate applied” and a link to remove the exemption if you wish. You will also see that the tax has been removed as a line item in the Your Order section.

Step 3: Prepare Your Tax Exemption Certificate

Indiana Ticket must have an official copy of your state issued tax exemption certificate. You will send this document via email after you have completed your order. You will not pay tax during checkout however Indiana Ticket will not be able to ship your order until the official state issued tax exemption certificate has been received via email.

Please refer to your state's department of revenue website for the correct tax exemption forms. Please be sure to follow all instructions provided by your state as submitting the wrong form or incomplete certificate will only delay our ability to ship your order.

Step 4: Submit Your State’s Official Tax Exemption Certificate

Scan your tax exemption certificate as a PDF file and send it via email to or use our Contact Form to attach and send the PDF. You may also reply to your Order Receipt email that you received when you placed your order.